Biographies - Our Hosts

Dean Atwal
Dean first joined up with Best Entertainment while hosting the cultural magazine series, South Asian Focus.  Off-beat and unpredictable, Deanís energetic personality made a perfect fit for The New Driverís Seat.

No stranger to the world of television, Dean first won over the camera and his interview subjects on the cultural lifestyle series, Viva!, on Vancouver's Channel M.  His passion for the industry easily transferred into television sales and marketing, leading him to split his time on and off the air working as an advertising associate for Omni Television.

A natural automotive enthusiast, in a few select episodes youíll catch our dynamic host out in the field delivering some feisty reviews not to be missed!

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Karen Jamison
Karen Jamison has been described as dynamic, charismatic and a real firecracker!  Ask her anything about cars and she'll be the first one to tell you she always has a strong opinion.

Karen grew up in the automotive industry.  Her father was an auto-dealer for Alfa Romeo, Toyota, and Honda.  When little Karen wasn't found running around the car lot she would be at her father's side at Western Speedway, cheering on Gary Kershaw, whom her father sponsored, and who dominated Pole Position for a good portion of the 70's.

Karen is one of the few reviewers who can spot almost any make or model of vehicle on the road today.  With a keen sense of marketing, world-class success in selling business to business on a global scale and her experience as a developer, Karen opened up CLUTCH, the worlds first all-female auto dealership to serve the unmet needs of the woman driver.  Karen and her business have been featured in McLean's magazine, Auto Business Monthly, CBC, CTV and Global Television.

It's no wonder we snapped her up!  Karen is thrilled to be among the hosts on The New Driver's Seat in order to share her passion and enthusiasm for vehicles of all natures.

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