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Importing Cars

On The New Driver's Seat, Episode #14-10, we featured a segment about how buyers can import their cars into Canada from the United States and other countries around the globe.  Further information can be found on these web sites.

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Tony Whitney, Luxury Car Specialist

Industry veteran Tony Whitney brings more than 20 years automotive journalism experience to The New Driver's Seat. Returning from the original Driver's Seat TV, he delivers in a way that no one else ever could, exploring all the latest of luxury vehicles.

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Trevor Hofmann, Automotive Correspondent

Alongside his weekly reviews for The New Driver's Seat, Trevor's automotive news stories and road tests have been regularly featured in some of North America's top magazines, newspapers and webzines.  From luxury sports cars to off-road all-terrain vehicles, he's driven them all.

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Corrie Miller, Motorcycle Expert

Corrie introduces The New Driver's Seat viewers to the latest and greatest in the world of bikes, delivering fresh reviews and discovering the most popular motorcycle events around the globe.  She also provides some extremely helpful tips on how to protect yourself from cold weather, wind noise and other common road hazards... a must read for all motorcyclists!

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